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Police Department Feedback

  1. For the purpose of tracking the usage, indicate whether or not you have previously completed an online survey for the Police Department?*
  2. I am a:*
  3. Gender:*
  4. What type of situation led to the interaction with the Police Department?*
  5. If your call to the Department resulted in the response of a police officer, how would you rate the response time of the officer(s)? Consider time of day(e.g. rush hour), weather conditions when making your judgement.*
  6. If an officer responded to your call or complaint, how satisfied were you with that officer's performance?*
  7. How would you rate the officer(s) general appearance?*
  8. If you called the Department for service, how would you rate the performance of the operator?*
  9. In your opinion, what areas of enforcement should the Department concentrate? (Check all that apply)*
  10. In your opinion, what areas of enforcement should be a low priority for the Department? (Check all that apply)*
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