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Website Redesign Satisfaction Survey

  1. Thank you for visiting our new website. We have redesigned this site to provide you with more information that is easier to find. Please take a few moments to complete the survey below and help us to continue to provide you with quality service and improved communication. Thank you for your time and input.
  2. How often do you visit our website?
  3. Did you visit before the redesign?
  4. Are you likely to visit the website more often since the redesign?
  5. Were you able to find the information you were looking for today?
  6. Do you prefer the appearance of the new website?
  7. Do you find it is easier to locate the information that you're looking for?
  8. Please rate your satisfaction with the appearance of our website.
  9. Overall, are you happy with the changes?
  10. Have you or do you plan to subscribe to eNews?
  11. How would you rate your Internet skill level?
  12. What type of connection do you use to access the internet?
  13. What is your age range?
  14. Do you have any suggestions on how we can further improve our new website?
  15. What is your gender?
  16. Zip
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