My vehicle was towed because the drive did not have a license. What do I do now?
The California Vehicle Code requires that any person driving a vehicle in public must be a licensed driver. The driver's license must be current and issued by the State of California or another State within the United States. If a vehicle is stopped and the driver does not have a license, the Vehicle Code requires a 30 day storage.

The vehicle can only be release after 30 days. The owner of the vehicle must show current registration, insurance and a valid driver's license to the Police Department, who will then issue a vehicle release form. There is a $100 fee for this form. The Police Department does not set the fees for towing or storage. These fees are set by the individual tow company.

You may also request to have a Vehicle Impound Hearing to try and get the vehicle released earlier. Either obtain the form from the Greenfield Police Department or download it once completed, return it to the Greenfield Police Department during normal business hours. Access the hearing request form (PDF).

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