The Vines of Greenfield

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In 2010 the City began a process to develop the Walnut Avenue Specific Plan for approximately 63 acres of agricultural land located along Walnut Avenue immediately adjacent to U.S. Highway 101 between 3rd Street and 4th Street and from Apple Avenue to north of Walnut Avenue. In 2014, the Walnut Avenue Specific Plan was officially adopted by the City Council. An Environmental Impact Report was prepared and certified by the City Council. A Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program was prepared and adopted as part of the EIR to address the potential environmental impacts of the development of the specific plan area. 


The vision of the City Council was to create a multi-functional focal point for both shopping and community events and activities. The adopted specific plan provides guidance and establishes development standards for the area within its boundary, streamlines land use and zoning entitlements, and facilitates new commercial and residential development in the City. The specific plan will enable the City to respond to growth trends and retail commercial demand in the City and the Salinas Valley region. The implementation of the specific plan will also generate job growth, provide residents and visitors with a more diverse offering of commercial uses, support the development of high density residential housing, develop a new community park, and provided revenue to support City services. 


The Vines of Greenfield is the first development phase, and all subsequent development within the specific plan area, will be in accordance with the requirements of the Walnut Avenue Specific Plan, the certified EIR, the adopted Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, and the conditions of approval. See the staff report (PDF) for more information. With the payment of required development and impact fees and adherence to the requirements of the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, the proposed commercial/retail development will have less-than-significant impacts on City services including water, sewer, trash, police, fire, and schools. 

Preliminary information from the project developer indicates that initial site and utility work may well commence in Spring 2016 and as soon as possible after tentative and final map approvals. It is anticipated that the first commercial/retail buildings would then be under construction during the summer and fall. The first of the commercial/retail tenants could then be open for business by the end of 2016. Construction and additional grand openings would continue into 2017. 


Preliminary design concepts prepared by the project developer, Maximus III Company, are consistent with the guidelines and standards of the specific plan. The primary design theme will draw upon winery and vineyard elements of the Greenfield environment. This design theme recognizes the importance of the wine industry to the local economic, cultural, and social fabric. It recognizes the importance of Greenfield’s location along the Monterey County Wine Trail.  

The entrance to the project area from Walnut Avenue will be lined with trellises supporting grape vines. At the round-a-bout in the center of the site provisions can be accommodated for a visitor center and wine tasting/retail store to celebrate and promote the local wine industry. Building designs will have a decidedly winery/vineyard theme and ambience. As the design of the project moves forward, adherence to the design guidelines of the specific plan will be required. 

Contact Information 

For information about this exciting project, see the proposed site plan (PDF) or contact the Maximus III Company: 

Maximus III Company
Max Barerra, Principal
900 Mohawk Street
Suite 245
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Phone: 661-325-2728