Bags Full of Science

Program Description

Bags Full of Science is Greenfield CSW’s response to our  "shelter-in-place" reality brought about by COVID-19. Through this program, we intend to continue to offer Greenfield and South Monterey County youth access to genuine science learning experiences.

Decades of research make it very clear that if students are not engaged in learning over an extended period of time, they fall behind in their learning. COVID-19 will have a multitude of negative effects on our community, but hidden among them is the education of our youth -- when the pandemic is behind us and students go back to school, they will go back further behind than they were when schools were closed earlier this month. Bags Full of Science will reduce student learning loss during the pandemic, and it will offer entire families the opportunity to learn and do science together.

A Bag Full of Science is a science kit that contains everything a student and their family need in order to build a project or carry out a science activity. The bag also includes detailed project instructions in both English and Spanish. Additionally, for each Bag Full of Science that we make, we are making and publishing a bilingual Youtube video explaining how to build the project, as well as the science behind the project.

The Bags Full of Science will be handed out by school staff across all districts -- school staff running nutritional programs have been deemed "essential" and will be working throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Making the Bags Full of Science part of the already existing nutritional school programs makes bag delivery efficient, easy, safe.

The Science Buggy

In addition to distributing projects at local schools and public spaces, we will also be delivering Bags Full of Science a la ice cream truck style. We have rehabilitated a small City of Greenfield electric vehicle and transformed it into a Space Shuttle on wheels: the Science Buggy! In it, we rove the Greenfield streets playing loud science-themed music, drawing kids out of their houses and apartments and delivering Bags Full of Science directly to them. Every week, the Science Buggy covers every City street. This is our way of making sure every child in Greenfield has access to genuine science learning experiences. 



In an interview with the Greenfield News, Curt Gabrielson describes the ins and outs of our new distance learning program--Bags Full of Science!

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Our distance learning program, Bags Full of Science, featured in a short KION piece.

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Curt Gabrielson took part in a national panel hosted by MAKE-- a magazine for Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY people)-- to discuss the challenges and possibilities of informal education during pandemic time.

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0. Homemade Battery/ Batería Casera

1. Magnet Pendulum and Compass/ Péndulo Magnético y Brújula

2. Chomper and Magnetic Sand/ La Mordida y Arena Magnética 

3. Mini Catapult/ Mini Catapulta

4. Rubber Band Shooter/ Lanzador de Ligas 

5. Circuit Game/ Laberinto Eléctrico

 6.  Color Spinner and Electric Car/ Círculo de Colores y Carrito Eléctrico

7. Math Puzzles and Games/ Juegos y Rompecabezas de Matemáticas

8. Diffraction Art/ Difracción Artística

9. Human Eye and Camera Model/ Modelo del Ojo Humano y Cámara

10. Mirrors/ Espejos

11. Musical Instruments/ Instrumentos Musicales

12. Dragonfly Helicopter/ Helicóptero Libélula

13. Mini Stomp Rocket/ Mini Cohete de Aire

14. Amphibious Vehicle/ Vehículo Anfibio

15. Stress Ball and Fox Tail/ Pelota Antiestrés y Cola de Zorro

16. Tops/ Trompos y Perinolas


Homemade Battery
Bags Full of Science Project 1 Picture

18. Mini Soaker

19. Water Toys/ Juguetes Acuáticos

20. Wine Vane and Spinner/ Veleta y Molinillo

21. Flip Stick and Thaumatrope/ Paleta Óptica y Taumatrópo 

22. Slingshot Parachute / Lanzaparacaídas 

23. Plane on a Stick / Avión Casero

24. Yo-yo's / Yoyos

25. Fingers of the Hand / Mano Robótica

26. Slime

27. Penny Battery / Pila de Monedas

28. Pet Brine Shrimp / Artemias (Camaroncitos) Mascota

29. Grassy Head / Zacatito

30. Crystal Formations  / Formaciones de Crystal

31. Sugar Skulls  / Calaveritas de Azucar

32. All Terrain Tricycle (ATT) / Triciclo Todo Terreno (TTT)

33. UV Glowing Powder / Polvo Brillante UV

34. Twirly Cascade / Cascada Espiral

35. Chromatography / Cromatografía

Slingshot Parachute
Plane on a Stick
IMG_0413 (1)
grassy head
Picture1 Chroma