Mobile Science Program

In line with the mission of the Greenfield CSW, the Mobile Science Program takes on the challenge of guaranteeing that all South Monterey County residents have free access to a space that provides a sense of wonder and inspiration through hands-on science and tinkering. Our year-round program currently travels to four local communities in South Monterey County: San Lucas, San Ardo, King City and Soledad.

At each site, a team of three Greenfield CSW employees set up a making/learning space that offers participants of all ages the opportunity to build  a rich variety science projects, use hand and power tools, make hand crafts, play and learn from science exhibits, and tinker with a variety of objects and materials. It all fits and travels in our Science Mobile, a repurposed 2001 Workhorse. Our mobile program facilitators normally consist of one college graduate and two high school students. The program facilitators are available to answer questions, assist in the project-making process, and provide residents with a brief safety overview of the tools and equipment needed to assemble a project. 

We encourage participant involvement regardless of age or science knowledge. Participants have the opportunity to build our weekly project, learn about the science behind it, and take the final product home. Participation is FREE to everyone!  Although a different project is presented every week, projects are cumulative and shed light on a monthly science concept. Aside from the weekly project, participants are free to take initiative in building projects of their own creation with the materials we carry. They can also choose to explore and play with our science exhibits, like our Ring Launcher or Van de Graff Generator. Residents who repeatedly visit our site have shown confidence in using our tools and equipment (e.g. cutting small pieces of wood on the scroll saw or removing wire insulation with wire strippers). 

The Mobile Science Program facilitates one weekly, two-and-one-half (2 ½ ) hour session at each of the four towns we serve. Sessions typically take place outdoors, next to the public library of each town. Our partnership with Monterey County Free Libraries, along with the quality of our services, ensures steady and robust participation at all of our service sites.

The Mobile Science programming for 2019 is as follows: 

Date & Time:Location:
Tuesday: 4:00pm -6:00pmSoledad
Wednesday:  3:00pm-5:30pmSan Ardo
Thursday: 3:00pm-5:30pmSan Lucas
Saturday: 10:30am-1:00pm King City


                                     King City

                                   San Lucas

                                        San Ardo