Message From the Mayor

The City of Greenfield is located in the heart of California's Salinas Valley in southern Monterey County, nestled between the Gabilan mountain range to the east and the Santa Lucia range to the west. The mountains provide visual relief from spreading urban development and agricultural uses on the valley floor. Salinas, the county seat, is located 35 miles to the north. Soledad and Gonzales are located 9 and 18 miles north, respectively. King City is located 13 miles to the south.


Greenfield is also known as the heart of Monterey county's premier wine grape growing region due to favorable soils and climate with over 20 vineyards and wineries within a 30 mile radius. Vineyards, wineries and wine tasting rooms continue to expand throughout the region. Greenfield's central location makes it a "gateway" to most of southern Monterey County attractions, including, vineyards and wineries, Pinnacles National Park, historical mission sites, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and world-class golf courses in and around Pebble Beach.
Lance Walker
Coming soon to Greenfield is the famed Yanks Air Museum with the largest private collection of WWII American fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers in the world. The first phase of the Yank's Museum has already been completed.


Greenfield is the most populous city in the southern Salinas Valley and prior to the 2008 recession was the fastest growing city in Monterey County and the fourth fastest growing city in California. Greenfield has small town charm and a sense of community, affordable prices for land and housing, a growing population of professional and skilled workers, and a variety of nearby outdoor recreational opportunities. Within this diverse community, rural and suburban lifestyles coexist with ongoing agricultural activities.
In addition to the steady increase in city population, Greenfield also has more approved existing residential lots for growth over the next three years than any other south county city. This inventory will ensure the continued growth in the City of Greenfield. Monterey County's Local Agency Formation Commission has recently approved Greenfield's new Sphere of Influence boundary, which set forth the city's future growth areas. No other south county city has been able to accomplish this extremely important achievement. This new boundary will ensure the future orderly growth of the city of Greenfield. The immediate new growth in the city is very encouraging. The city anticipates issuing 100+ new residential building permits by the end of 2014 continuing its dominance as the center for growth in South Monterey County.
An aerial photo of Greenfield.
The community's vision is to continue to complement, rather than compete with, its agricultural neighbors over the next 20 years. Yet the expansion of the city's economic base and further commercial development is critical to the economic success of the city, preservation of all the good qualities of the community, and the creation of a vibrant and sustainable community. Preserving this balance between the community's rural character and the sustenance of a vibrant and economically diverse community is essential to retaining and reinforcing the character of the community.

Greenfield presents a number of unparalleled attributes and retail opportunities that are not available in any of the other South County communities. It is these attributes and opportunities that set Greenfield apart from other communities and present to future businesses a very unique opportunity to maximize its highway visibility, draw from the synergism inherent with our future regional center next door to not only a major visitor destination but also a major highway travel center and as the anchor of what will become the premier, and only, regional shopping center between Salinas and Paso Robles.


Greenfield prides itself on its forward-thinking approach to community life. Our municipal government, churches, schools and services organizations create close-knit relationships you'll find only in a small town. We're proud of our accomplishments, and look forward to an even better future. We remain dedicated to our agricultural roots, but have committed ourselves to diversification and opportunities for our residents. See for yourself why visitors comment on our well-maintained business districts, our numerous parks and playgrounds, and our friendly neighborhoods. Greenfield's great place to visit, and an even better place to live. Next time you're in the area, stop by!