Oak Park Cemetery

Just minutes from Downtown Greenfield, the Oak Park Cemetery is situated in a beautiful park-like setting that overlooks Oak Park in Salinas Valley. For decades, this historic cemetery facility has been maintained and operated by the Greenfield Cemetery District and continues today to provide local families with a broad range of burial services and assistance.

Getting a Plot & Monument

Oak Park provides a selection of ground interment property to individuals and families on an immediate need basis and also for pre-planning. Double depth and traditional side by side (single) burials can be arranged. Oak Park provides for the permanent care and memorials of cremated remains. Individuals and families may select ground burial urn sites throughout the cemetery. Oak Park Cemetery does not operate a crematory.

Monument and inscription work may be arranged through the cemetery office. Both flat and upright monuments (headstones) as well as memorial pictures, religious emblems and statues are available in specific areas throughout the cemetery.


Hours of Visitation: 8 a.m. to dusk each day of the year.

Site Maps

Greenfield Oak Park grave site maps and maintained and updated by the Greenfield Cemetery District.