Greenfield Skate Park

Opened in 2002, the Greenfield Skate Park was designed by Wormhoudt Incorporated with their experience in designing over 80 skate and bike park facilities that are in use throughout the world. The firm has provided skate and bike park consulting services for over 450 communities throughout the world. Second to none in Monterey County, our Park is 11,000 feet with its share of quarter pipes, half pipe, extensions, banks and Launchers.

The Greenfield Bowl is designed to emulate and improve upon the pool skating experience. Skaters in bowl parks can move around the park without taking their feet off the board to push. The curved walls of bowls allow skaters to ride around and across the bowl in addition to the back and forth skating you might see on a traditional half pipe. 

Come join the fun, we are located at Patriot Park. For More Information about our park, contact Eric Johnsen with the Central Coast Youth Sports Organization by email.