Dog Licensing

City Regulations

Licenses & Tags

Every person owning or having charge, care or control over any dog shall, after his dog attains the age of 4 months, annually secure from the Police Department's Animal Control Officer, a license and tag for such dog. The tag shall be attached to a collar or harness upon such dog and during the term of the license shall remain so attached.


Every person owning or having charge, care or control over any dog shall, immediately after his dog attains the age of 4 months and at intervals of not more than 24 months thereafter secure the vaccination of the dog by a licensed veterinarian with a canine anti-rabies vaccine of a type approved by the state Department of Public Health. No license shall be issued without proof of such vaccination.

Confinement of Dogs Under 4 Months

All dogs under 4 months of age shall be confined to the premises of, or kept under physical restraint by, the person owning, having charge, care or control of such dog; provided, however, that this subsection shall not be construed to prevent the sale or transportation of a puppy 4 months old or younger. (Ordinance 490 §1 (Exhibit 2)), 2010 Ordinance 241 §1, 1981).

It is unlawful in the City to refuse to exhibit the registration of any dog required to be licensed when required to do so by the Animal Control Officer or any peace officer. A violation of this section is an infraction. (Ordinance 490 §1 (Exhibit A)), 2010 Ordinance 241 §1 (part), 1981. Formerly 6.08.080).


The following fines will be enforced for any violation in any 12 month time period:
  • At the first (1st) violation, a fine of $100
  • At the second (2nd) violation, a fine of $200
  • At the third (3rd) violation, a fine of $300
  • At the fourth (4th) and every subsequent violation, $500

License Application

Failure to license your dog by 4 months of age, or within 30 days of acquiring ownership, is a violation of City law. Failure to do, will result in an automatic late fee of $20 added to your license fee. When obtaining a license for a dog or cat, an owner will be required to provide proof of rabies vaccination. For a license at a reduced cost, pet must be spayed or neutered (include proof of spay or neuter). Cat licenses are optional but encourage for pet safety and identification. To obtain an application for your dog or cat, complete and return the application to the Police Department.

The Police Department issues Dog Licenses Monday through Friday 8 - 4:30 p.m. City administrative offices are closed for most federal holidays.