Fire Service

About the Fire Department

The Greenfield Fire Department (formally the Greenfield Fire Protection District) has provided fire protection service in and around the City of Greenfield since its formation in 1940. On July 1, 2018 the City of Greenfield assumed control of fire protection and began contracting with the Greenfield Fire Protection District to provide service to the surrounding unincorporated area.
The Greenfield Fire Department (GFD) serves a 46 square mile area with a population of approximately of 22,000 people from a single fire station located at 380 Oak Avenue in Greenfield. The fire station is staffed 24 hours a day with a combination of full time and part time personnel. Currently the GFD employees three full time Captains, three full time Engineers, 20 part time Firefighters, a part time Assistant Chief and a full time Fire Chief. The GFD protects their citizens with two Type-1 Fire Engines, one Type-6 Fire Engine, and two Command Vehicles

Calls for Service

In 2018, the GFD responded to 1,437 calls for emergency service with an average response time of 4:37 minutes. Over the past five years the GFD has experienced a 40% increase in emergency call volume. The increase in call volume is due to an increased population that is the result of the rapid growth in our community. In 2019, the GFD adopted a five-year Strategic Plan that focuses on meeting the needs of today while preparing for the future. In particular, the GFD will work on replacing an aging fleet of apparatus and find ways to cost effectively respond to the increasing numbers of emergency incidents they are being called to.


“We protect the Heart of the Valley with a team of highly trained and motivated professionals who are dedicated to delivering aggressive fire suppression, effective fire prevention and compassionate patient care.”