Performance Standards & Disciplinary Guidelines

City employees are trustees of the public interest and owe the public a special duty of integrity. For this reason, we are held to a higher standard of honesty, trust and service than employees in the private sector. In accordance with these standards, the City has prepared performance standards and disciplinary guidelines. These guidelines have been established to assist the City when determining potential discipline. The guidelines are not mandates which the City must follow when determining the level of discipline. The City may exceed the discipline suggested by these guidelines when circumstances warrant.

The City's Performance Standards and Discipline are based on the following standards of conduct:
  • City employees shall be characterized by high personal integrity both in securing employment and in the performance of their duties.
  • Employees must perform all duties reasonably required of them, and report for work as scheduled, unless ill, injured or involving an emergency.
  • Employees shall perform their duties in a manner which will earn and preserve the trust and respect of the public, their peers and supervisors.
  • Employees shall perform their duties in a safe manner. This standard is not restricted just to operating equipment or operating motor vehicles.
  • Employees shall provide a high quality service to the public and shall consistently perform their duties effectively and efficiently.
  • Employees shall work cooperatively with other employees and the public.
The policy, entitled, "Performance Standards and Disciplinary Guidelines" is incorporated by reference as Attachment A to Rule11 in the City's Rules and Regulations. View a complete list of all performance standards and guidelines (PDF).