Personnel Rules

The purpose of these rules and regulations is to facilitate effective and economical services to the public and to provide for a fair and equitable system of personnel management in the municipal service. These rules set forth in detail those procedures that insure equal treatment for applicants and employees, and define the obligations, lights, p1ivileges, benefits and prohibitions placed upon all employees in the municipal service, except as expressly provided by these rules.

They are intended to indicate the customary and the most reasonable methods whereby the aims of the personnel program of the City of Greenfield can be carried out in all operating departments of the City under the direction of the City Manager.

These personnel rules do not preclude individual City departments from developing and administering supplemental regulations which are compatible and in conformity with these rules or other Council resolutions and ordinances. The procedures set forth Rule 11, Disciplinary Proceedings, only apply to permanent regular classified employees, and shall not apply to probationary employees who are rejected from probation, any employee employed on a temporary basis, or to any employee represented by the City's 3 Labor Unions. All employees are shall perform their duties in a manner which will earn and preserve the trust and respect of the public, their peers and supervisors in accordance with the City Performance Standards and Discipline.

View a complete list of all city personnel rules and regulations (PDF).