Interviews & Appointments

Selection Interview

Once you are on an eligible list, you may be considered for employment. When a vacancy in that job classification occurs, which may be in any City department, the names and applications of the top ranked candidates are referred to the department. The hiring department will make a selection after interviewing all referred candidates. If you are called by a department for a selection interview, here are some helpful suggestions:
  • Ask when you will be notified of the selection.
  • Be relaxed, prompt and dress appropriately.
  • If the interviewer does not explain the job, ask for an explanation of duties.
  • Remember, the selection interview is an opportunity for you to show the department that you are the best person for the job and that you are interested in the job.
Hiring departments, not the Human Resources Department, conduct the selection interviews and make the final hiring decision. For that reason, if you have questions regarding the department selection interview or results of that interview, please contact the hiring department before calling the Human Resources Department. The hiring department will inform you of the results of the interview by email, phone or mail.


Once you have been selected and have accepted the job offer, the next steps of the hiring process take place. Your employment is contingent upon passing a medical examination performed by a City-selected physician and upon the Human Resources Department's receipt and review of information provided by the Department of Justice regarding the processing of your fingerprints. You will be sworn in as a City employee and will be required to present proof of eligibility to work in the United States when you sign the appointment paperwork. You will attend an orientation session which will provide information on City policies and benefits