Applications & Qualifications


Review the current job announcements and select the position(s) for which you wish to apply. It is important that you thoroughly read the job announcement because it includes information regarding the application and examination process, current vacancies, minimum qualifications, shift requirements and whether the recruitment is for regular and/or temporary positions.

Complete and submit the required City application form-either online or print version - and attach all required materials as listed on the job announcement. Resumes are optional. Be sure to submit your application materials by the final filing date shown on the job announcement. Or submit your application materials early enough to be within the number of qualified and complete applications specified in the job announcement. Postmarks will not be accepted.

We only accept applications for positions for which we are currently recruiting. You must submit a separate application form for each position in which you are interested. If you wish to keep a copy, please make one before you submit your (paper) application. If your address or phone number changes after you submit an application, contact the Human Resources Department, or correct your profile in the online application system.

When you complete the application:
  • Be clear and concise; type or print carefully; check your spelling and grammar.
  • Be specific; do not leave anything blank.
  • Be thorough and truthful.
  • Check your application for completeness, including signature (on print forms) and required supplemental materials. Applications submitted without the required supplemental material may be rejected.
  • Do not submit a resume in lieu of completely filling out the application or the supplemental questions.
  • For online applications, if you are not able to scan and attach your supplemental materials, such as resume, DMV driving record printout, certificates, letters of recommendation etc., you may bring or send those materials to the Human Resources office by the deadline date. (Postmarks will not be accepted).
  • Indicate if you want full-time, part-time, etc. (You will only be considered for the schedules you mark.)
  • Take the time to include past job details in the employment history section; the amount of your experience will be calculated from the hours per week and to/from dates that you specify.

View open job opportunities and the job application.

Minimum Qualifications

Most City jobs require that candidates possess job-related education, training and/or experience. The specific requirements for the position are stated in the job announcement. These minimum qualifications are used to assure that individuals have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job.

Your application will be reviewed within 4 weeks after the final filing date. This review determines whether you meet the minimum qualifications for the job. Selected candidates will be notified as to when and where the next step of the process will occur. If you are not selected to continue in a recruitment process for a regular (non-temporary) position, you will also be notified. Notification is by email, or by regular mail if specified.