Administrative Policies

Employees of the City of Greenfield shall have access to rules, procedures and administrative policies related to their employment. The purpose of these administrative rules are to ensure that all official human resources rules are accurately formulated, formally approved, printed in a consistent format, and maintained centrally in a Human Resources Library.

Rules must be published in a timely manner to ensure compliance with rule objectives and to establish accountability of individuals expected to follow the rule. Human Resources administrative policy directives are defined by all of the following criteria:
  • It has broad application throughout the City of Greenfield.
  • It helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promotes operational efficiencies, enhances the City of Greenfield's mission or reduces institutional risks.
  • It mandates or constrains action.
  • The subject matter requires City Manager review and approval for rule issuance and major changes.
A stack of policy books.
The Human Resource Administrative Directives should not be construed as a contractual agreement between the City and its employees. The City reserves the right, at any time, to withdraw or amend any portion of the Human Resources Administrative Rules as they apply to current or future employees, in accordance with these rules. The development of new rules or revisions to existing rules generally occurs in 1 of 2 ways, through the regular review process of the rules (generally occurs on an annual basis) or due to changes in state or federal law or other policy changes that require new or revised rules. Final development and/or revision of the Human Resources Administrative Directives are the responsibility of the Director of Human Resources.