Walnut Avenue Specific Plan

The Walnut Avenue Specific Plan (specific plan) provides the land use planning and regulatory guidance for the development of an approximately 62.6 acres of incorporated land (plan area) located within and on the east side of the City of Greenfield. The City of Greenfield initiated the preparation of this Specific Plan, with the theme of creating a multi-functional focal point for both shopping and community events and activities.

The City's adoption of the Walnut Avenue Specific Plan amendments the City of Greenfield General Plan. This Walnut Avenue Specific Plan provides guidance and establishes development standards for the development of the area within the Specific Plan boundary. The City has prepared this Specific Plan and an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to assess and mitigate potential impacts of implementing the Specific Plan as tools to help facilitate future development and streamline the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process.
A map showing the Walnut Avenue Specific Plan.