The Planning Division is responsible to implement and maintain the General Plan, and develop and maintain long and short range planning objectives through proper application of the Zoning Ordinance. This is achieved by addressing important land use, circulation, environmental, and other issues pertaining to Greenfield and its sphere of influence areas in a timely and effective manner; and including and involving citizens in the planning process making the City’s policies and procedures available and understandable.

When to Contact the Planning Division - Homeowners

As a homeowner, you should contact the Planning Division if you intend to add a room, or build a wall, shed, pool, patio cover or similar improvement. There may be setback, height, or construction requirements that will affect your proposed design. Furthermore, most projects require a building permit.

It is helpful to contact the City before finalizing any improvement plans, to identify any specific requirements, processes or fees. Many homeowner improvements can be reviewed and approved at the public counter of the Community Service Department.

When to Contact the Planning Division - Business Owners

As a business owner, if you are looking to relocate your business within the City, or if you are establishing a new business in the community, contact Community Service Department to determine if the use is permitted and if the site or structure is adequate for your business in accordance with City regulations and the Uniform Building Code.

It is wise to contact the City before you buy or lease a property/building, to identify any specific requirements, processes or fees. Older buildings may need to be improved and brought up to current codes and regulations. Depending upon the use, site conditions, and proposed site or structural enhancements, an administrative may be required.

When to Contact the Planning Division - Developers

As a developer, if you are looking to build a new structure or provide a major renovation to an existing site or structure, contact the City early in your design process to ensure the site is appropriate for the proposed use, identify design/development standards; and determine the appropriate application process.