Approved Regulatory Permits

To operate a medical marijuana facility in the City of Greenfield, the applicant must obtain 3 separate distinct permits or approvals, a regulatory permit, a development agreement and a conditional use permit. Since the City Council is the ultimate approving authority for regulatory permits and development agreements, section 17.14.050 requires each of these permits and approvals be processed concurrently and action on each is by the City Council.

About the Permits

The purpose of the medical marijuana regulatory permit is to ensure medical marijuana dispensary, cultivation, and manufacturing facilities are established in areas that are consistent with the requirements of the general plan, are consistent with surrounding uses, are not detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare, and the operation of such facilities do not conflict with applicable state law and regulations (Section 5.28.010). The City Council may impose such additional terms and conditions on the issuance of the regulatory permit and the operation of the facility as it deems appropriate. The City Council must also approve a development agreement, operations plan, and the design and layout of the facility as a condition of issuance of a regulatory permit. (Section 5.28.040)
A marijuana leaf behind a medical symbol.
The purpose of the conditional use permit (CUP) is for the individual review of uses, typically having unusual site development features or operating characteristics to ensure compatibility with surrounding areas and uses. Conditional use permits shall be granted only when the approving authority determines, following public hearing, that the proposed use or activity is consistent with the general plan and all applicable provisions of this title and the "establishment, maintenance or operation of the use applied for will not, under the circumstances of the particular case (location, size, design, and operating characteristics), be detrimental to the health, safety, peace, morals, comfort, or general welfare of the public. "The approving authority may impose conditions and/or require performance guarantees for the conditional use permit to ensure compliance with applicable provisions of the zoning code and to prevent adverse or detrimental impacts to public health, safety, or welfare. (Section 17.16.060)

Development agreements are authorized under chapter 16.37 of the municipal code pursuant to the authority of State Government Code section 65865 seq. The purpose of development agreements is to give certainty to the planning and project development process and to give assurance to the project applicant that upon approval of the project, the applicant may proceed with the project in accordance with existing policies, rules, and regulations, and, subject to conditions of approval, this will strengthen the public planning process, encourage private participation in comprehensive planning, and reduce the economic costs of development. Development agreements must be approved by ordinance and the City Council must make a finding, following public hearing, that the provisions of the development agreement are consistent with the general plan and any applicable specific plan (Section 16.37.100).

Approved Applicants

Golden State Alternative Care, Inc.

Golden State Alternative Care, Inc. applications for medical marijuana regulatory permits (PDF) for cultivation and manufacturing facilities under chapter 5.28 of the City of Greenfield Municipal Code along with application for a conditional use permit (PDF) as been approved by the City on June 14, 2016. Golden State Alternative Care is the exclusive cultivator, extractor, and edible manufacturer for the Tikun-Olam medical strains in California. Tikun-Olam is the first, largest, and foremost supplier of medical cannabis in Israel, is one of the leading medical cannabis companies in the world, and is a pioneer of the treatment of patients with medical cannabis in Israel. A development agreement for this applicant is pending.

Greenfield Organix Inc.

Greenfield Organix Inc.'s application for a medical marijuana regulatory permit (PDF) for cultivation and manufacture facilities on behalf of the members of the Greenfield Organix collective members, (including Higher Level of Care of Carmel, CA and Exhale Med Center of West Hollywood, CA), a conditional use permit (PDF) and a vesting tentative map (PDF) has been approved by the City on June 14, 2016.

There will be no direct distribution or sale to the public, qualified members of the Greenfield Organix collective, or their primary caregivers from the Greenfield Organix cultivation and manufacturing facility located in the City. Medical marijuana flower and infused products will be distributed only to legal dispensaries/collectives not located in the City with which Greenfield Organix has a contractual relationship. A development Agreement for this applicant is pending.