Community Development


It is the mission of the City of Greenfield Community Development Department to provide the community with planning, building inspection, and development-related services in an efficient and effective manner.

About the Department

The Community Development Department is dedicated to providing responsive and courteous service to the public. The department's mission is accomplished through its ongoing commitment to excellent service and effective communication, involving the community in the development of procedures and processes. The department's ability to serve the community effectively is enhanced by regular inter and intra-departmental communication, along with staff participation in opportunities for training and education.

The Planning Division is responsible for implementing and maintaining the General Plan, developing and maintaining long- and short-range planning objectives through proper application of the zoning ordinance. This is achieved by addressing important land use, circulation, environmental, and other issues pertaining to Greenfield and its sphere of influence in a timely and effective manner; and including and involving citizens in the planning process and making the City's policies and procedures available and understandable. 

The Building Division processes building permits, reviews plan checks, and performs inspections for any construction within the City of Greenfield.  

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.