Solid Waste

Tri-Cities Disposal and Recycling Service (TCDRS) provides the highest quality refuse and recycling collection services for the Salinas Valley cities of Greenfield, Soledad and Gonzales California. Our mission is to provide quality service while preserving resources and protecting the environment. In addition to their weekly curbside service, Tri-Cities offers free motor oil and filter collection in approved containers.
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During the year, Tri-Cities offer one or more special annual cleanup events in Greenfield. Tri-Cities Disposal and Recycling Service also offers a variety of refuse and recycling services to commercial and multi-family (apartment) customers. For garbage collection service, customers can choose between 64 and 96 gallon cart services or 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 cubic yard front load garbage dumpsters. Blue cart mixed recycling and cardboard recycling services (where needed) are included with your service. For Greenfield Customers, the following is a summary of the most common monthly residential rates:
  • 48 Gallon Cart $26.26
  • 64 Gallon Cart $42.06
  • 96 Gallon Cart $57.90
A black, blue and green trash can.

Residential Services - How to Set Out Your Carts

Below is some information on how to properly set out your carts. Please set them out as described:
  • Allow 18 inches on all sides of each cart
  • Do not place carts where they are obstructed by vehicles
  • Do not place under trees or street signs
  • Place cart On the edge of the street with wheels against the curb
  • Place out all carts by 5 a.m. on your collection day
  • Please do not tie the lids shut
  • Please place carts with the lid opening facing the street

Recycling in Greenfield

Residents and all types of businesses should take care in securing, monitoring, and maintaining all carts and dumpsters in order to avoid contamination. Drivers will reject contaminated containers or charge a contamination fee. Customers will be responsible for removing contaminants from rejected carts in order to resume collection. Customers with egregious or repeat contamination will have their recycling and/or yard waste carts removed and all recycling services suspended.

To obtain additional information about solid waste service contact the Finance Department.