Prior to fiscal year 2014, the City budgeted the operations of City Manager, City Clerk and City Attorney as individual Departments. Because of the central focus of each function, they have been combined into a single department with individual cost centers for each programmatic area. In fiscal years 2016 and 2017 a major initiative of the Department of Administration will be implementing the strategic goals set forth by the City Council and enhancing the information that is provided to the Community.

Initiatives will include the publication of a by-weekly electronic newsletter from the Office of the City Manager, the creation of a new Facebook page and enhancing the City's web page. Additionally, the Administrative Department will also be devoting resources to improving the quality of televising of City Council meetings, developing partnerships with interested parties in the community who could assist in the production and operation of broadcasting.
The outside of the Greenfield Civic Center. A brown building with green plants outside.