Central Coast Youth Sports Organization

Central Coast Youth Sports Organization's (CCYSO) mission in Greenfield is to promote youth sports and recreational programming to all ages and all levels throughout the central coast of California with particular emphasis on Monterey County. CCYSO operates ongoing youth sports leagues and competitive teams as well as broad-based youth recreational programs and camps.
CCYSO also engages adult players and coaches that are positive role models for youth, and affiliation with local, regional or nationwide organizations as may be involved in the promotion and operation of youth and family recreational programs to help strengthen local programs.


CCYSO is an organization that attempts to bring communities together in a collaborative partnership to maximize both the efficiency and efficacy of youth sports programs. We do this by partnering with cities and municipalities, schools and other interested parties that want to maintain sporting field assets in top condition, both for personal use as well as for regional tournaments, events and community gatherings. CCYSO believe that individuals are made whole when they not only exercise their bodies, but also their minds and spirits in the context of social relationships.


Acting as the City's Recreation Provider, CCYSO oversees all scheduling for the fields for all sports team for practices, games and tournaments. CCYSO can help organize tournaments and special events for various groups wanting assistance for facilities including the community center, soccer fields and baseball fields. An online scheduling system can be used.

CCYSO also coordinates and/or oversees youth and adult soccer leagues utilizing fields in City of Greenfield, appropriate permits are required to:
  • Coordinate with other cities and leagues regarding competitions as needed
  • Ensure availability for regional tournaments and events
  • Ensure that insurance requirements are met
  • Rotate field use to apply appropriate rest to field and preserve where possible
  • Work with existing leagues to provide playing opportunities for youth at all levels

Contact Information

For program information, contact:
  • Angeles Carrera - Program Manager by phone at 831-304-0150
  • Rance Hodge - Operations Manager by phone at 831-262-1848 or email
  • Frank Lopez - Head of Field Maintenance by phone at 831-594-9644 or email
The main program officers are located at:
13th Street and Oak Avenue
Greenfield, CA 93927
Phone: 831-674-5591 or 831-304-0150 or 831-262-1848