Recreation & Parks

Recreation and Park services are provided to the community by numerous volunteers, nonprofit organizations and special taxing districts in the community. The Greenfield Public Recreation District operates a community pool at Oak Park and the Greenfield Memorial Hall District operates a large Community Building that annually hosts many recreation and community functions. Parks in the City of Greenfield are mostly located in existing residential neighborhoods. Mr. Humberto Aceves manages field operations at the all City operated Parks.

Generally, neighborhood park sites have been dedicated and improved by private developers in conjunction with residential housing developments. The majority of the parks are maintained by the Department of Public Works. A few of the smaller parks are maintained by a Homeowner's Association.

As funds become available over the next 24 months, the City may amend the current department budget and hire a professional recreation manager to better coordinate these community assets. As proposed, the Recreation and Parks Department contracts most recreation and park services from the Central Coast Youth Sport Organization and by its support of First Night Monterey to operate a Community Art Center.